The Wives Did it

All new series premieres on Discovery Channel, 
Thursday 16 June at 12:30pm AEST / 12:10pm NZ

One man with many wives is the polygamous man's dream of variety and spice.

From the outside, a cozy picture of contented sister-brides raising a house-full of kids. From the inside, a fragile world of rivalries and jealousies ... that finally explodes in brutal murder.

This exciting new series peeks under the beds of three polygamous families, each torn apart by a savage killing. In one, a deadly rivalry between fundamentalist religious sects leads to a Mafia-style assassination. In another, a man's twisted need to control women leads to the vicious slaughter of a mother and her daughter. And finally, a sister-wife invites another into her home, to discover too late there is only room for one wife in her family. And it's not her.

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