Young, Hot & Crooked

Exposing good teens gone bad. 

Some of the most violent offenses are not committed by seasoned and grizzly criminals, but by the young, rich and spoiled. This brand new series exposes the shocking true crime stories committed by the young and wealthy, and reveals how the most privileged upbringings can lead to the most intricate crimes. 

When money isn't an object, the privileged can easily be lured into a life on the wild side. But what happens when trust funds and sky-high allowances mix with a lack of boundaries? 

In each episode, in-depth interviews with family, friends, and authorities uncover the truth behind what led the young perpetrator down a crooked path. From the timid teen desperate for recognition at his high school to the East Coast hunk who sacrifices his dreams of becoming a Hollywood star for love, Young, Hot & Crooked is jam-packed with juicy stories of those with an attraction to the fast life.