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Discovery's First Global Intern Announced

After 10 weeks, 10,000 entries and almost a million votes cast, Discovery has found its first global Intern: 25-year-old Ben Mikha from New Zealand! 

Mikha has just scored himself the ultimate internship. As the inaugural Discovery Intern he’ll shortly be jetting off to travel the globe for free, documenting his adventures for Discovery Channel’s social media channels and soon-to-be launched blog, Heaps of Stuff

Hailing from Auckland, Mikha is a self-taught photographer/videographer whose passion for travel and experiencing different cultures was ignited by a trip to India a few years ago. Consumed by wanderlust, he pursued a job as a flight attendant just so he could get himself to more countries around the world.

Mikha's internship will see him creating content in SingaporeLondonIcelandNew York and Italy, and he'll also visit some of Discovery's overseas headquarters during his journey.

Ben Mikha

Ben Mikha

The calibre of entries from Aussies and Kiwis was overwhelmingly strong and uncovered a wealth of untapped talent. It was no easy feat for the Discovery judges choosing a winner from the Top 5. Rounding out the final five with Mikha was Jessica Whalen (Australia), Sam Deuchrass (New Zealand), Talman Madsen (New Zealand) and Corban Tupou (New Zealand). However, it won't necessarily be the last we see of the four runners up – Discovery will be offering each of these talented photographers and content makers the opportunity to contribute to Heaps of Stuff.

The Discovery Intern competition required entrants to submit photographs, videos and blog entries from their travels or somewhere closer to home that captured their sense of adventure, talent and creativity. After the Top 50 were announced, it was up to the public to determine the Top 5 by voting. Mikha's submissions stood out from the start and he was definitely a fan favourite.

When it comes to uncovering stories about the unique and diverse world we live in, Discovery is a trailblazer. At its core, the company is dedicated to satisfying curiosity and as the Discovery Intern, Mikha will put this into action. You can view his entry below.

Discovery is proud to welcome Ben Mikha to the family!

Watch the moment Ben found out he'd been selected as the Discovery Intern:

Check out Ben's competition entries:

Ben Mikha
Ben Mikha

Coming from a city background, day-to-day life can feel repetitive when living a standard 9-5 lifestyle. Too often we push hard to find a way out of societal norms by pursuing happiness in the form of success: financial freedom and material gain. It's only natural given the competitive nature of the part of the world I'm from - Auckland New Zealand, to want to get ahead.

But when we're in full pursuit of worldly goals, we can forget what's already in front of us. Traveling to the Pacific Islands over the past year has taught me a lot; you'd think the West is miles ahead in terms of progression, which in theory is true - there's taller buildings, voice automated GPS and electronic cars on the verge of mass production. However, the Islands have taught me a few things, all of which lead to the often overlooked saying "It's the simple things in life".

Amongst the madness of day-to-day life we should remember to enjoy the beauty that's already around us, take a second to smile at the person walking by or enjoy the scenic route once in awhile. We're all rushing to be somewhere but, the irony is, once we've arrived, who will we have to enjoy it with?

Wherever your journey may take you, remember to appreciate what you have and adopt the island way of living from time to time. Grab a mate, pitch up a couple of hammocks, and enjoy the warm sunset over the ocean.

Nanakuli, Oahu - Hawaii
By Ben Mikha

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