John Eales Reveals


Discovery Ignite is now in its tenth year and during this time, the following programs have premiered on Discovery Channel.

John Eales Reveals: Life After Sport (1x60)

Production Company: Triton Media 

The modern elite athlete is a super human; faster and stronger than any generation before. Pushing their bodies and brains far beyond the boundaries that limit the rest of us, they dedicate their lives to achieving success. However, no matter how great they are, they can’t stay super human forever. Australian Rugby Union legend, John Eales AM sets out to uncover the periods of transition that occur throughout the careers of sport’s biggest champions in this special 60min documentary.

John sits down with some of sport’s luminaries, his peers, who have retired from sport or are planning for the day when they too will need to make the transition from elite athlete to everyday life. Featuring Grant Hackett, Layne Beachley, Andrew Ettingshausen, Al Baxter, Lauren Jackson, Matt Banting, Robbie Crowther and more.

Premiered on Discovery Channel in September 2015



Saltwater Heroes (4x60)

Production Company: Northern Pictures

In Saltwater Heroes, Andrew “ET” Ettingshausen discovers firsthand what it takes to make it as a commercial fisherman in a country known for its unforgiving land, harsh sea and rugged people. 

Over four episodes he uncovers the history of Australia’s marine industry, while experiencing first-hand why people are willing to risk their lives on a daily basis. Joining the fisher folk, ET works alongside them in industries that aren’t for the faint-hearted. The people he meets are waterproofed warriors. 

Premiered on Discovery Channel in August 2015



Abalone Wars

Production Company: NHNZ

Season One (3 x 60mins)
 - Winner: 2013 ASTRA Awards for Most Outstanding Documentary

Season Two (3 x 60mins)
- Nominated: 2014 ASTRA Awards for Most Outstanding Factual Documentary

Season Three (3 x 60 mins)
- Winner: Best Documentary Series at 2015 Asian Television Awards.

Season Four (3 x 60 mins) 

Dive into the ocean with the extraordinary men who will risk life and limb to fish some of the planet's most hostile waters in Abalone Wars. The Southern Ocean, off the tip of South Australia, is home to more sharks per square kilometre than almost anywhere else on earth. But that doesn’t stop the fiercely competitive abalone divers who battle fear, their nerves, illegal poachers and the extreme elements to scour the ocean floor for the much-prized green and black abalone shellfish.

Follow as they set out into hostile waters to make their daily living in self-constructed shark cages, risking their lives diving the rock faces where abalone can be found. See how rookie divers are initiated into a crew and how they learn to overcome their fears. With abalone selling for top dollar, these men know there is a killing to be made from the ocean every day - they just hope they won't be killed in the process.

Premiered on Discovery Channel in November 2012.


John Eales Reveals: Sport’s Greatest Rivalry (1x60)

Production Company: Triton Media

There isn’t a more iconic or notorious rivalry in sport than Australia vs. New Zealand and in this program, former Wallabies captain John Eales delves into the roots of this extreme competitiveness.

In 2001 more than 25,000 British & Irish Lions fans travelled to Australia for the British Lions Tour. Dressed in a sea of red, they ambushed The Gabba Stadium and posed a serious threat to crowd safety in the stands. John Eales recounts leading the Wallabies on to the pitch amidst the chaos and how the event left him unnerved for years to come.

Twelve years on, The Lions are back and it is anticipated that more fans than ever will get behind the event. John speaks candidly with players and fans including ex-Lions player Mike Burton, Jeff Thompson, Shane Warne, sports psychologist Dr Kristen Peterson and former Prime Minister Bob Hawke to find out what they think lies at the root of such a strong rivalry.

Premiered on Discovery Channel in June 2013



John Eales Reveals: Leaders In Rugby (1x60)

Production Company: Triton Media

Hosted by Australian icon and rugby legend, John Eales, this exclusive documentary focuses on distinct leadership themes through the eyes of elite leaders in world rugby including All Blacks Captain Richie McCaw, former All Blacks Captain David Kirk, former Wallabies Captain Michael Lynagh, former Wallabies coach Rod MacQueen, former England Captain Martin Johnson and former Springbok Captain Francois Pienaar.

Through in-depth interviews and archive footage John Eales Reveals: Leaders In Rugby investigates and deconstructs the essence of leadership and what it takes to win. This special looks deeper than the sporting triumph or methods as it unearths the individual's ideas, feelings, motivators and outcomes on a quest to uncover lessons in outstanding leadership.

Premiered on Discovery Channel in October 2011.



Ultimate Fish: Murray Cod ( 1x60) 

Production Company: Escape With ET

They devour waterbirds in one swoop, engulf turtles in mid-stream and prey on snakes as they swim across the surface. Australia’s largest freshwater fish, the marauding Murray Cod is the stuff of legends and Andrew “ET” Ettingshausen’s latest quarry in his quest to catch the Ultimate Fish.  

In a bid to track down the secrets of this awesome predator, adventurer and gun fisho ET will follow the course of the massive Murray-Darling river system, from the rugged outback towns of New South Wales to the magnificent alpine streams of Snowy River country, right down to the mouth of the Murray in South Australia.

Premiered on Discovery Channel in December 2011.


Ultimate Fish: Barramundi ( 1x60) 

Production Company: Escape With ET

Ultimate Fish: Barramundi follows Andrew ‘ET’ Ettinghausen’s journey to Australia’s Top End to hunt down the magical metre-plus barramundi. These remarkable marine monsters dominate their underwater habitat. They are finely-tuned hunters, highly developed predators, cunning killers and they live in one of the most hostile regions on earth.

Premiered on Discovery Channel in December 2010.


Rocket Compulsion (1x60)

Production Company: Firelight

This is the story of tenacious Australian Jet Pilot, David Mayman, as he strives to achieve his childhood dream of building and free-flying his very own Rocket Belt, only to discover he faces a nearly impossible task. Collaborating with the world’s leading Rocket Belt engineers, David risks life and limb to become the world’s next Rocket Man, and Australia’s first.

Premiered on Discovery Channel in March 2011



Future Makers (1x60)

Production Company: Independent filmmaker, Maryella Hatfield

What kind of future do we need to create if we are to live on this planet in harmony with its natural systems, and still have quality of life for all? A number of Australians are leaders in the field of renewable energy and sustainable solutions. Future Makers explores the visions of these leaders and follows them as their projects unfold.

Premiered on Planet Green in December 2008.


Storm Surfers (1x60)

Production Company: 6ixty Foot Films

Storm Surfers Australia is a thrilling combination of science and adventure documentary following top international tow-surfers Ross Clarke-Jones and Tom Carroll as they musters all the information and skill they can on the most perilous mission of their career - to surf 20-foot waves at Dangerous Banks.

Premiered on Discovery Channel in December 2008.


Natural Born Traveller (4x60)

Production Company: Lonely Planet

Natural born traveler Steve Crombie is a twenty-eight year old Australian thrillseeker about to embark on a 2,500-km bone-breaking motorcycle journey. Join Steve as he travels down the very spine of Australia to discover one of its most beautiful and iconic landscapes - the Great Dividing Range.

Premiered on Discovery Travel & Living in October 2008


Sportstar Insider (2x60)

Production Company: Beyond

Andrew 'ET' Ettingshausen immerses himself in sports that are extending the boundaries of human ability, in the air and in the water, discovering why now more than ever long-standing records are tumbling. In the air a surprise 'insider', All Black Captain Richie McCaw, reveals why his passion for gliding is as strong as his ability in rugby. We also meet with champions in aerobatics and paragliding to explore the dynamics of sport off the ground. In the water, world champion surfer Tom Carroll takes ET on a dynamic journey.

Premiered on Discovery Channel in October 2009