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If you looked into the eyes of a killer, would you know? On any street, behind any smile, lurks an American Monster. The mother next door; the dad across the road; the kid who never broke the rules. In this brand new series, we get closer than ever to the masterminds behind some of America’s most shocking and disturbing crimes, as never-before-seen footage uncovers these devils in disguise. We’ll see them in home videos with their kids, in school musical performances, at church or getting married. From a serial murderer who stalks Phoenix streets, to a ruthless assassin who disposes of everyone who stands in his way, to a suburban marriage's deadly split, these stories will take unexpected twists and turns to reveal the American Monster that lies beneath. 

In episode one we meet the Jones family. In public, Max and Janeene appear to have the perfect marriage, but behind this happy facade lies hidden truths. Financial worries cause tension, infidelity rips them apart and Max's temper is out of control. No one truly knows what he's capable of if pushed to the limit. 20 years later, the Jones's life is turned upside down when Max dies suddenly. As Janeene and her children rebuild their lives, a tip off to police exposes dangerous dealings and sparks an investigation. Undercover surveillance footage reveals an unexpected killer.

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