Murder Comes To Town

Traveling across the country down the dirt roads and through the backwoods you will find the true heart and soul of America. Places with populations barely reaching 100. Places where visitors may come and go, but more often than not, every day is just like the one before. That is until MURDER COMES TO TOWN and shakes the inhabitants to their core. All of a sudden their peaceful world is exposed and dirty little secrets that have stayed hidden behind their white picket fences; beyond the boundaries of ordinary life are now front and centre for all to see. 

MURDER COMES TO TOWN, relies on first-hand accounts of murder to explore how tragedies turn neighbour against neighbour and tight-knit families against each other as the investigation into the nightmare brings the town’s darkest and most sinister secrets to the surface. Until the perp is caught, everyone involved live with ominous sense that evil is always lurking and it can strike again without warning. The normal rules don't apply, and they can no longer say that these types of things never happen here.

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