Railroad Australia Returning For Second Season on Discovery Channel

Train travelling through Outback Australia

Discovery Networks has announced the production of Season 2 of Discovery Channel's highest ever rating local production, Railroad Australia, which showcases the crews and trains in charge of transporting passengers and crucial resources across one of the most extreme and hostile places on the planet. 

Production of Railroad Australia Season 2 is currently underway in locations all around the country. The 13-part series delves deeper into the lives of the people who keep the nation on track and will feature familiar faces from Season 1, as well as some new crews.

"The first season of Railroad Australia achieved unprecedented success for Discovery Channel last year," said Jonathan Rudd, Vice President Programming & Production Australia, New Zealand & Pacific Islands, DNAP. "We're thrilled that it was so popular and in an effort to continually provide our audiences with what they want, we're excited to announce the series will be returning in May. In a great start to our 2017 production slate, Railroad Australia Season 2 will explore even more of Australia's vast and unique landscape, showcasing the lives of the colourful crews that operate some of the most powerful trains in the world."

In a wild frontier world of blistering heat and vast distances, armies of workers toil day and night to keep the nation's lifeblood flowing, with the help of some of the biggest and most sophisticated trains in the world. Australian rail operators are global leaders in heavy haul rail freight, moving some of the longest and heaviest freight trains in the world. With unprecedented access, Railroad Australia goes behind the scenes to meet the train drivers, locomotive servicing crews and track maintenance teams on some of the toughest, most demanding and spectacular journeys in the world.

Railroad Australia Season 2 will premiere in May, only on Discovery Channel.

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