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They’re the kings of the Australian outback, and as Railroad Australia returns to Thursday nights in September, Discovery Channel hitches a ride on some of the biggest trains in the world as they journey across the toughest and most inhospitable continent on the planet. Season 2 continues from Thursday 14 September at 7.30pm

Transporting ever-growing numbers of passengers and crucial resources across the country, our nation depends on these powerful trains and the teams that keep these metal monsters on the tracks. With unprecedented access, Railroad Australia goes behind-the-scenes to meet the train drivers, locomotive servicing crews and track maintenance teams who work tirelessly day and night to keep our nation’s lifeblood flowing. 

As Season 2 continues, we head to the outskirts of Melbourne where a new breed of train is being unveiled: the V-locity bullet train which will move 17 million passengers a year around the state of Victoria, connecting its major towns. The series also follows the work of Lara Coughlan and her rapid rail response team in Melbourne, who are in constant demand carrying out running repairs on live train lines to keep Metrorail on time and on track. Meanwhile at the Pichi Richi workshops in South Australia, it’s a huge day for 16-year-old Jayden Chandler, who wants to prove he’s got what it takes to become the fifth generation of his family to drive steam trains.  

Australian rail operators are global leaders in moving some of the longest and heaviest freight trains, which are vital to Australia’s biggest industries and the survival of many remote communities. Railroad Australia celebrates these remarkable machines and the men and women who keep our country’s incredibly complex rail network to schedule on some of the most demanding and spectacular journeys on Earth.

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