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The gold miners of the Yukon return for a new season of Gold Rush and they are putting everything on the line in the hopes of striking it rich. It’s a high stakes, high rewards game, but reward certainly comes with its risks where gold is concerned.

Todd Hoffman is taking the biggest gamble of his life, turning his back on the Klondike and moving his entire operation to Oregon on a quest for huge nuggets at the unique High Bar mine, 1200 metres up in the mountains.

After successfully resurrecting the lost art of gold dredging last season, Tony Beets is expanding his empire with a second ancient dredge twice as big and twice as expensive. 

Twenty-one-year-old Parker Schnabel has a sad start to his season, attending the funeral of his beloved grandfather and mentor John. Parker returns to the Klondike with a new Australian girlfriend Ashley Youle - and a brand new, customised US $600,000 washplant.

In the race for gold, who will come out on top as king of the Klondike? Only time can tell.

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