Gold Rush

New Season, coming to Discovery in January 2017

It's all or nothing and everything is on the line as the Gold Rush crew heads north again for an all new season. These ambitious miners are back and more determined than ever before, in the hopes of a successful season gold mining in the Klondike as they chase the American Dream.

Last year, Todd Hoffman rose from the ashes and brought his crew back from the brink of bankruptcy. In this season, Hoffman has gold-rich ground, a seasoned crew and is in position to keep his hot streak alive. Parker Schnabel also has his hands full, last season he mined an unprecedented $3 million of gold. But it came at a price as he drove his crew into the ground. Let’s see what he’s learned!

It’s definitely not smooth sailing for these seasoned gold miners, who will risk everything to strike it rich mining for gold in the wilds of Alaska.

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