Alaska The Last Frontier

The Kilchers, led by patriarchs Atz and his brother Otto, have cultivated and lived on their isolated homestead community outside Homer, Alaska, for four generations. These men, and their wives and children, live off the land, racing the clock during the limited months of spring and summer to hunt, fish, gather and grow enough food to last the harsh Alaskan winter. 

They battle extreme elements to gather enough firewood, ward off predators, complete projects for sustained shelter, and prepare their cattle herd for the eight months of cold and darkness. They proudly choose this rugged lifestyle with no indoor plumbing or electricity, in hope that future generations carry on the family tradition of survival. 

This season in Alaska: The Last Frontier, the Kilcher’s face one of their greatest challenges, mother nature herself. When an earthquake hits their remote corner of the Alaskan wilderness, the family must band together to open vital access roads, save buildings and continue the lifestyle they have always dreamed of. 

All the while, Otto contemplates important surgery, Atz Lee deals with the recovery from his debilitating near death experience and the family receives a special visit from Atz senior’s daughter, singer-songwriter, Jewel.

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