Alaska: The Last Frontier

Alaska: The Last Frontier is a docu-series depicting the harsh life on the 640-acre Kilcher Homestead, and the family that lives on and around that land. Yule Kilcher, the late patriarch, homesteaded the land 70 years ago and it is still in use by his family today.

The Last Frontier follows his two sons, their families and the subsistence lifestyle they continue to lead. The brutal, long Alaskan winter forces anyone living off the land to secure enough food in the summer months to make it through 8 months of cold and darkness. This series follows these families as they attempt to harvest enough resources to survive the winter.

About Season 5.  

This season finds the Kilchers facing the threat of climate change. After another warm winter of record-setting temperatures, life on the homestead appears to be changing and everything is in flux. Atz Lee embarks on an ambitious effort to establish a thriving new homestead at the remote hunter's cabin, but wife Jane isn't sure she's ready to start again from scratch so deep in the Alaskan wilderness; while struggling to keep up with their toddler son Findlay, Eivin and Eve make a surprise announcement that signals even more generational change; Atz Sr. leaves the homestead to stalk black bear using a technique he hasn't tried in 30 years; Otto and Charlotte must camouflage their cattle at the head of the bay to safeguard them from marauding brown bears; Atz Sr.'s son Shane and ailing wife Kelli make their return to the homestead and hope to build their own rustic cabin with help from the entire Kilcher family. 

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