Alaskan Bush People

Far from civilisation, deep in the Alaskan bush, lives a family of nine. Removed from mainstream America, they’ve formed their own customs, their own accents, and their own laws of survival. Naturalist and adventurer Billy Brown and his family choose to live life on their own terms, striving to be self-sufficient against all odds, living off what the land provides them. 

After 34 years in the wilderness of Alaska, Billy Brown and his family are committing to the bush like never before. The strength of this unique family has been pushed to its absolute limits, and as influences from the outside world have spilled over into their lives, they have questioned the principles that make them a wolf pack. But it’s now that they need each other more than ever. 

This season, a storm strikes Chichagof Island and threatens the safety of the Brown Family as they set out on a journey to bring home a new addition to Browntown, and oldest brother Matt returns home for a fresh start after rehab. With the whole family reunited, each member of the wolf pack must push the boundaries to maintain their way of life. 

While the outside world pushes back, they’ll fight to remain wild. This is a place beyond the frontier; this family are the Alaskan Bush People

Meet the entire family here. 

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