Australia is a land like no other. Barren, parched deserts give way to tropical rainforests, while crystal clear waters merge into a furious ocean. Tens of millions of years of isolated evolution has shaped a country of extremes, and its wildlife is no exception.

But did you know that some of Australia's deadliest animals could save your life?

Australia Doesn't Just Want To Kill You, hosted by Dr Kelly Strzepek, investigates the genius behind nature's designs to showcase the animals that hold the key to saving lives. This series is an engaging exploration of how some of Australia's deadliest animals are inspiring cutting edge research and applications in bio-medicine and bio-technology.

Each episode explores and reveals in gripping detail the fascinating roles creatures such as the death adder, the crocodile, the great white shark and even the platypus, play in the advancement of research, combat and in some cases treatment of cancer, chronic pains and other escalating epidemics of our day and age.

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