Backyard Oil

Backyard Oil follows the fortunes of the most industrious oil men in all of Appalachia! Join oil magnate Jimmy Reliford and his howling sidekick Mad Dog; greasy old polecat Coomer - who’s raking in a tidy $300K per month thanks to an oil strike in his own backyard; a bearded hillbilly named Rascal; and the Page Boys, a father-son team who can’t help but bicker about everything...except finding that crude!

Now that oil fetches close to $100 a barrel, there’s a modern day oil boom hitting these hills and folks are clamoring to enlist the services of our $25,000 a pop. 

These are the Newbies, a motley lot whose future rides on a jet of "black gold" spewing from that blowpipe. If they hit, it’s a gilded trot up Easy Street. If they don’t...well, shoot. Better luck next time! You ain’t a real oilman till you’ve lost money in this here game.

Play your cards right, and you’ll laughing...all the way to the bank.

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