Car vs. Wild

Join former British special forces soldier Gary Humphrey and American gear-head Bill Wu as they attempt to drive their way out of the world's most hostile environments. 

Given just three days and basic survival rations, their mission is to track down a 10-year-old, 4-cylinder, four-wheel drive car, and bring it back to civilization using only their wits and their wheels. The journey pits them against the clock, the terrain, and each driving where no car has gone before.


Meet the Team

Bill Wu

A self-confessed car fanatic, Bill got his first car, a Toyota minivan at the age of 16. He quickly traded it in for a low-rider pick-up truck, which he spent every spare moment of his youth modifying – including adding a TV, VCR, canopy, a custom walk-through, interior, exhaust, wheels, seats, and stereo. He’s been in the driving seat or under the hood ever since. 

Though he’s always had a passion for vehicles, by day, Bill used to work as a chiropractor, spending five years in practice while establishing a chain of healthcare clinics and a real estate business in San Diego, CA. 

His success allowed him to retire in 2006 and pursue his love of driving full-time. With a garage  full of cars – which he likes to call his “big boy’s toys” – at his disposal, he’s competed in all kinds of vehicles in all kinds of competitions, from Drag Races and Autocross to Road Rallies – including the Gumball 3000 and the Bullrun where he, his wife Cindi and brother Allen comprised the formidable ‘Team Wu’. 

Bill’s love of all things car has made him an incredibly versatile driver. Off-road he’s proved his chops on every surface imaginable, including mud bogging, rock crawling, snow and dune driving. He’s also an active member of the Hummer Club – having owned and maintained more than 100 Hummers in his lifetime – for whom he plans and leads off-road trail excursions. 

This high-octane lifestyle suits Bill’s extremely high energy, upbeat personality. He’s quick to spot the potential for a practical joke – but when it comes to cars he’s dead serious. A creative mind means he prides himself on thinking outside the box when it comes to solving any problems. 

When it comes to driving style, Bill says it depends on who owns the vehicle. If it’s one of his precious stable of cars, he babies it – but if it’s a rental – he drives it like he stole it. 


Gary Humphrey

Inspired to see the world from an early age, Gary joined the UK Military at the age of 20 and spent 17 years serving in the Royal Marines and the UK Special Forces. 

Throughout his time in the armed forces, Gary’s survival skills have been honed in every imaginable environment – from the Arctic, to the desert, and the jungle. As a senior survival instructor he was also responsible for bringing other Special Forces recruits up to speed. 

Since he left the Marines, Gary has been working as a field producer, technical advisor and security coordinator on a series of high-profile international television and film productions including Robin Hood (2010) and BBC’s Top Gear specials across South America, Albania and Iraq to Bethelehem.

He has also used his security knowledge to body guard some high profile celebrities including, Matt Damon, Tyra Banks, Simon Cowell, J-Lo and Tony Bourdain around the world. 

Having spent his career in extraordinary places across the planet, Gary has no shortage of memorable moments. Gary’s day job saw him wrestle a 12-foot anaconda, learn to castrate reindeer, live by drinking water from tree vines and free dive with locals in Papua New Guinea. 

Though Gary’s main expertise is in survival, he’s also had plenty of experience taking vehicles into inhospitable places. He’s driven across North Africa, taken a trip from the Amazon to Chile, snow-mobiled to the Magnetic North Pole, sailed through a hurricane, and hitchhiked from Cape Town to Nairobi. 

Among his extensive qualifications, Gary is also a PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) dive master, yacht master and professionally trained photographer.


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