Cooper's Treasure

Darrell Miklos is embarking on a hunt for sunken treasure using a map created in space in the new series Cooper’s Treasure. The secret map was given to him by his good friend NASA astronaut and space pioneer, Gordon Cooper who, during a secret mission, discovered anomalies in the shallow waters of the Carribbean: shipwrecks. He gave Darrell this information before he passed away in the hope he’d continue the exploration. Both men believe this map holds the key to uncovering the world’s greatest treasures and Darrell plans to prove it.

Can you describe the map and the materials that Gordon Cooper gave to you?

Gordon Cooper created this map on his Space Flight – Mercury 9 Space 7 Flight, and whereby he picked up anomaly readings. And once he got the anomaly readings, he went back home and bought a ski chart and started circling certain parts of the ski chart. And that’s how he developed the chart based on these anomaly readings. And he gave me a list of files as well after doing research on anomaly readings. So that’s how it was originally created. 

Why do you think Discovery viewers will find this show interesting?

Well, you’re going to places and parts of the Caribbean and everywhere that we go, which probably most people didn’t know even existed. And the fact that we’re finding shipwreck material of major historical significance and commercial significance in areas that people otherwise would never have known. Had it not been for Gordon’s research and had it not been for the treasure map that he designed from space, this would have been a secret and it would never have been told – the story would have ended in his office had he not given it to me. So, I think there’s so much more to come. I can’t elaborate on a lot of things, but I can tell you that this story is ongoing and there’s lots of new information that will come out.

How did you become a professional treasure hunter? Where did it all start?

It originally started with my father. He was a professional treasure hunter back in the 1960s and he introduced it to me as a child. He took me and my three sisters and made us walk along the beach and he said, “For every black rock that you pick up, I’ll give you a quarter.” Well, those black stones were actual silver pieces from the colonial period. And that’s how it all started. And once I did that, I was hooked. 

How did you meet Gordon Cooper?

I first met him when I was a little child and then I first really spoke to him in 1978, when he and my father did this television show called Merv Griffin and I met him back in the green room and I got to say hello to him. Fast-forward to my 30s, I met him in the Bahamas and we flew back to California together. We were working on a project in the Bahamas. We flew back to California together and shared an office. And we shared that office for seven years and became best of friends during those seven years. And we did expeditions and all sorts of stuff. That’s when we started really developing a strong relationship. 

How did you feel when Gordon first spoke with you about the map and his secret?

I was totally surprised to say the least. And I was super excited that he included me in on the secret. Once he included me on the secret, I had a million questions obviously. And we started working through those files, talking about which areas that we would like to work on together because at that point, I became his exploration partner. 

How reliable is Gordon Cooper’s story?

I did a lot of research prior to actually spending lots of money in setting up an expedition by meeting people in NASA and making certain contacts with them to prove the viability of there being long-range detection equipment on board. So, I’ve done a lot of homework as far as the research and I did some investigative research on a few anomalies to verify whether shipwreck material was there. And we both – well, I’ve done both and I’ve managed to prove that both were correct. So, as of yet, we’re very successful and Gordon was right on the money, so to speak. Everything that he pointed out to me on the files, as well as the coordinates on the treasure map from space, actually, each and every one of those that I’ve investigated thus far have been proven to be positive, as far as shipwreck material and historical information. 

What inspired you to want to follow your friend’s dream and pursue it even after his death?

He was a very, very dear friend of mine. He was like a father figure to me. We were working on two particular anomalies on that treasure map from space and all the files that he developed. And we started, we never got to finish and I know it would have broken his heart if I didn’t finish or fulfil his legacy, with regards to the historical shipwreck recovery. And so, I owe it to him. He was a good man and he made me the person I am today, in a lot of ways. And that’s why I’m doing it for him. 

What do you consider your greatest discovery?

I think my greatest discovery is having found this treasure map from space and all the files because it’s leading into something that’s going to be more historically significant – probably one of the most historically significant expeditions in modern history. So, the discovery of finding this material from Gordon was probably my biggest discovery. Other than that, the discoveries that happened afterwards. I can’t really elaborate on some of the things that we’ve discovered thus far, but if you watch the show, I promise you won’t be disappointed. 

What were the main challenges and problems that you faced while interpreting and decrypting the map and files that Gordon left you?

That’s a good question. The files are literally thousands of pages, so I had to figure out which files went with which anomalies on the treasure map from space and how they tied in because it was a little bit of confusion on my part, because it wasn’t as easy as turning over and looking at Gordon and going, “Gordon, I don’t understand this one. Where does one go and how does it coincide with that?” He wasn’t there to answer those questions anymore because we only worked on a couple of them together. And when it came to a bunch of new material, it was not very easy. So, I just researched, studied and if you watch the show, you’ll see how I go about that, and it’s pretty interesting. And it took a lot of time, but it was worth the work. 

What can Discovery viewers expect to see in the series? Did you achieve anything on the treasure hunt or get anything out of it physically or emotionally?

Physically, it wears me out because I’m getting older. Emotionally, I’m constantly excited and, yes, we’ve made several incredible discoveries. In fact, we chose five anomalies out of the files to start off with and we are five for five. There was shipwreck material in all five areas that we investigated, so I know that there are hundreds more to investigate. And we will probably find hundreds more locations with ship wreck material. And, in some cases, I believe we are going to change the way history was written by some of the discoveries that we’re making, so please stay tuned. The treasure map from space is real. The files are real and discoveries are going to made that everybody is going to be awestruck by.