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For the past 11 years, the veteran captains of the Bering Sea have carved their living in one of the world’s most dangerous fisheries – risking it all, including their lives. But this year, a new generation is stepping up and claiming their seat at the table. Do they have the drive and guts that it takes to become a legend? 

In an adrenaline-packed season, Sig Hansen plots against his former protégé-turned-rival and Josh Harris loses control of the Cornelia Marie. Newly minted captain of the F/V Saga, Jake Anderson must take charge and make the boat his own. The Time Bandit squares off with the law and on the Cape Caution, Wild Bill Wichrowski and son/engineer Zack Larson have their patience pushed to the limit when a deceitful new hire tests the Captain and the skipper in training. 

The new season also brings a new face: 23 year-old Sean Dwyer, the youngest captain ever in the history of Deadliest Catch. The rookie skipper joins just in time for a modern day gold rush on the crab grounds with king crab quota holding strong and the bairdi quota growing even larger. As the veterans with the knowledge and the skills scoop up the crab, the young guns of the fleet will need to learn fast or be left behind for good.