What drives a man to leave the wife and kids he loves and the comforts of home to go and live out of a back-pack and sleep in a tent for two months of hardship and suffering in one of the most extreme environments on the planet?

By the time Paul Hameister left Base Camp for the summit, three climbers had already perished in separate incidents and all below Camp 3. On Everest it is not a question of if, but who and how many will die on the slopes each year. 

But Paul had made a promise. An emotional promise to his nine-year old daughter on the night he left home that he would return safely. Upon reaching the summit with his legs quivering from exhaustion and tears in his eyes, he became more determined than ever to keep his promise. 

This documentary is about one man’s struggle to balance his love for adventure with the love he has for his family. He is determined to keep his promise, but on Everest there are many things that cannot be controlled.

Before watching, get up to speed with your mountaineering terminology here.


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