In 1848 America was changed forever. A chance discovery of a massive buried treasure, hidden in the most remote part of the country, transforms the fledgling nation into one of enormous wealth and power.

In this epic event mini-series, we follow the story of the California Gold Rush from its very beginning, when rumours of easy riches set off a hunt for gold that would propel America to greatness. Our eye into this world is the Boston Company, a real-life group of 40 men who, like tens of thousands of others, made the arduous journey west with dreams of striking it rich.

As the men of Boston Company descended on California, they discovered the gold rush wasn’t quite what they expected. Violence, greed and chaos took over, as tens of thousands of miners battled each other over the same small fortune of buried treasure.

But as the men fought and died for gold, they had no idea that the fortune they’d uncover - worth an estimated 25 billion dollars - would transform the country forever, laying the foundation of the American Dream and making possible the creation of an American empire.


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