Homestead Rescue

In the last decade, two million Americans have attempted to leave behind civilisation in favour of life off the grid - but most have failed. For the hundreds of families who decide to become homesteaders, the learning curve is a steep one. Homestead Rescue features struggling homesteaders across the US who are turning to expert homesteader Marty Raney who, along with his daughter Misty and son Matt, teach them the necessary skills to survive the wilderness.

Even the most resourceful and determined families often succumb to their first winter, monsoon or drought season and many are not equipped with the skills to survive. The Raneys will attempt to teach these families the essential skills on how to survive, and more importantly thrive, in the wilderness. Each week, they visit a new family and work closely with them to sustain their homestead through hunting, fishing, gardening, building maintenance, protection and problem solving.

The stakes are high, but the Raney family is determined to prepare these families for nature's worst and set them up for success. Each family faces the ultimate decision: will they tough out their first year or pack up and return to civilisation?

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