As Ice Cold Gold's third season in Greenland begins, the members of Sixty Degree Resources are greeted with devastating news; their 13 million dollar ruby deposit has been taken from them.

This major setback sends the team of spirited miners into complete disarray as they struggle to adapt to a new strategy before winter hits. Their new game plan is to rapidly conquer multiple sites at a furious pace - all above the Arctic Circle, an area that is wilder and more remote than our miners have ever experienced.

To fight the staggering odds against them, Sixty Degree Resources enlists two new members - Doug Stoup a renowned Arctic Expedition Leader, and Nuunu a guard dog to protect their camp from ravenous wildlife. Guided by Doug's fearless expertise, the seven Americans explored locations they never thought conquerable, from slick ice sheets, volatile ice caves, death defying mountainsides, to the tops of dizzying glacier peaks.

The dangers this year are unprecedented. Claim after claim - from gold to diamonds the miners bring themselves to the brink, as lives are almost lost, dreams are destroyed, and the company is pushed to its limits.


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