Meet Alexis Conran

Alexis Conran has turned the world of scamming into an entertaining art form and is acknowledged both as a uniquely talented performer and someone you do not want to be playing cards with.

Born in Paris but raised in Athens, Greece, aged 16 Alexis came to London to study acting.  After pursuing a career in acting, Conran followed a curious desire to study the art of magic. Within three years he was working as a professional magician specialising in card cheating. He started performing at exotic, celebrity-fuelled private parties worldwide.

25 Things About Alexis

1.  I own over 500 decks of playing cards.
2.  Since 1998, I’ve had a deck of cards in my hands every day for at least one hour.
3.  My first language is Greek.
4.  I taught myself to play the guitar.
5.  I like playing golf.
6.  My new hobby is archery.
7.  I don’t like flying.
8.  I’ve never been to Australia.
9.  I’ve got a very good memory for faces.
10.  I’ve got a terrible memory for names.
11.  I can’t watch the film “E.T” without crying.
12.  I got into magic quite late, when I was 28.
13.  Since the age of seven I wanted to be an actor.
14.  I went to drama school.
15.  I spent two years in an English school in The Hague in the Netherlands.
16.  I grew up in Athens, Greece.
17.  I watch the films “Annie Hall” and “Withnail and I” once every year.
18.  I can throw a playing card over a two story building.
19.  I speak quite basic German.
20. My favorite ever hustler was Titanic Thompson.
21.  The hustler I would have loved to meet is “Nick The Greek” Dandalos. He was one of the greatest gamblers of all time and friends with the most famous people in the 1950’s.
22.  I love playing backgammon… I’m also quite good at it… without cheating!
23.  My favorite card games are poker and bridge.
24.  I can survive on bread, olives and cheese, indefinitely.
25.  I’m a bit of a gadget geek.


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