Nomad Chef

Join acclaimed chef Jock Zonfrillo on a journey to celebrate the world’s native cuisines and save a treasure trove of gastronomic knowledge from extinction.

Embarking on a journey to some of the world’s remotest communities, he hunts, harvests and forages with indigenous people for the ingredients that go into their dishes and learns to cook as the locals do. Roasted flying-fox and kakadu plums anyone? Lichen soup and reindeer blood sausage?

Jock discovers the culinary genius hiding in the world’s remote and often forgotten communities, and seeks to uncover what they can teach us about living sustainably, cooking creatively and eating the best way we can.

As he masters some of the community’s favourite dishes, Jock pays homage to their culinary know -how by taking one of their signature recipes back to his top-flight Australian restaurant where he seeks to reinvent it to re-ignite the taste buds of his seen-it all-before customers at home.



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