Railroad Australia S2

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Thursdays at 7:30pm AEST/NZ

Railroad Australia returns to explore what it takes to transport ever-growing numbers of passengers and crucial resources across one of the most extreme and hostile places on the planet. 

Hauling some of the biggest cargo loads across the country, this series dives into the inner workings of Australia’s railway network to meet the armies of workers who work tirelessly day and night to keep the nation’s lifeblood flowing, with help from some of the biggest and most powerful trains in the world. 

This season our crews face some of the worst storms in a generation, breakdowns that send maintenance teams into the sweltering heat of the desert for urgent repairs, and jobs that see them haul vital materials across the country to keep the most remote city on the planet turning. The series also uncovers just what it takes to become a qualified train driver, and experiences an unusual grudge match that pits man against machine in a race across the mud spattered Victorian landscape. 

Australian rail operators are global leaders and with unprecedented access, Railroad Australia goes behind the scenes to meet the train drivers, locomotive servicing crews and track maintenance teams on some of the toughest, most demanding and spectacular journeys on Earth.

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