Rebel Gold

As the Civil War came to an end in 1865, Confederate President Jefferson Davis fled Richmond with the contents of the Confederate treasury - an estimated $20 million worth of gold and silver by today's value. Davis was captured six weeks later, but the treasure had vanished.

The series brings together an all-star team of treasure hunters, history experts and engineering specialists - each an expert in their field - who share one common obsession: making history by finding the vanished treasure. Together, they will combine efforts and go where no one has ventured before to unravel the mystery that could take them deeper into history than ever before. Will the team put their differences aside to make history and reach a common goal or will greed and rivalry pit ever man against each other? 

With more than 800 kilometres of train tracks, dirt roads and river ways to explore, one of America's most compelling mysteries remains unsolved. Rebel Gold follows an experienced group of treasure hunters as they join forces to retrace Jefferson Davis' trail and search for clues that could lead them to the legendary treasure. 

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