Centuries ago, it took humans decades to complete massive structures such as the Great Wall of China and the ancient pyramids of Egypt. The mechanical marvels of today perform at such an incredible capacity and speed that without them, cities around the world, and indeed civilisations, would grind to a halt.

This September, Discovery Channel profiles some of the world’s most supreme machines to reveal the groundbreaking technology that has replaced bare hands, brute force, and the most basic of tools, and is able to achieve in mere days what would once have taken months.

How is the world's only purpose-built flying crane – the Erickson Air Crane – able to construct 120 giant steel transmission towers in just eight days? And how does the fastest accelerating vehicle on the planet – the Top Fuel Dragster – achieve speeds over 500km/hr? Tune in to find out, and witness the RISE OF THE MACHINES.


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