World's Biggest Ship Builders

With unprecedented access, World’s Biggest Ship Builders follows one of the world's leading shipping and energy giants, the Maersk Group, and its elite team of experts as they design and build the next generation of super ships and deep ocean rigs.

A core crew of larger than life engineers, shipbuilders, captains and designers - working all across the globe for Maersk - navigate some of the toughest obstacles and roughest conditions to face the greatest maritime and offshore challenges to date.

These nautical experts work to build, test and launch three unique maritime machines, including a fleet of super tugboats, the world’s sturdiest drilling rig, and oil tankers. Under short deadlines, rough maritime conditions and massive storms, the teams are developing and building groundbreaking vessels that will provide access to billions of barrels of oil, not only underneath the North Sea, but beyond.

Boundary-pushing construction workers race against time and engineering challenges to complete the powerhouse of industrial superstructures, but not without trials. The series ventures inside some of the most complex machines in the world that are responsible for keeping the modern world running.

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