Aussie Gold Hunters

Follow five crews of gold-hungry prospectors as they take the gamble of a lifetime battling to strike it big in one of the harshest environments on the planet; the...

Deadliest Catch

New blood, old wounds, and rivalries that never die.

Gold Rush: Parker's Trails

Parker Schnabel has had many adventures in his life, but nothing has prepared him for this.

MythBusters: The Search

The next generation of fearless builders and creative technicians battle it out for their chance to continue the MythBusters legacy.

Fast N' Loud

Rev up your engines car fans! Hot-rod hunter Richard Rawlings and his team of Monkeys are back for a bold new era at Gas Monkey Garage - and in this season of Fast...

Rocky Mountain Railroad

Jump on board for an exclusive journey through the icy mountain wilderness on the Canada’s most extreme railway.


The best robot builders on Earth go head-to-head the most epic robot competition of all time!


These master whiskey makers are putting everything on the line to evolve their craft and take their handmade liquor to the next level.

Naked And Afraid

TV’s most extreme survival challenge is back and tougher than ever.

Bushcraft Build-Off

We’re taking survival to a whole new level with the search for the most talented bushcrafters from across the US.

Motor Mondays

Get your week off to a revving start !

Salvage Hunters

Modern-day treasure hunter, Drew Pritchard continues on his mission to scour Britain for weird and wonderful objects.

Diesel Brothers

The crew at Dieselsellerz are back at it, tricking out even more insane trucks than ever before.

Animal Planet's Dodo Heroes

Some animals just need a little help. Others need heroes.

Shifting Gears with Aaron Kaufman

Former Fast N’ Loud star Aaron Kaufman is back, and this time around, he’s the boss.


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