The Irwins take us inside Australia Zoo where they continue Steve’s mission to protect the world’s wildlife. From crocodiles to red pandas, Bindi, Robert, and Terri tell us everything we need to know about these wonderful wild animals we love. New episodes every Wednesday and Friday!

EPISODE 1: koala koala koala

We meet DJ the White Rhino and get up close and personal with Dexter the Koala. Plus, 16 in 60 with Bindi, Fun Facts with Terri, and Favourite Moments from the Zoo!

EPISODE 2: ravi the red panda

The Irwins introduce us Ravi the Red Panda and Reggie the Sumatran Tiger. Plus, Can You Guess This Animal?, Did You Know?, and the first edition of Australingo!

EPISODE 3: meerkats and pythons

On today’s Wild Times, we hang out with the quirky and adorable Meerkat Sisters, and meet a Python! Plus, Can You Guess This Animal?, Behind the Photo: Robert’s Photography, and another installment of Australingo!

EPISODE 4: kangaroos and alligators, oh my!

It wouldn’t be a trip to Australia Zoo if we didn’t show you Kangaroos and Alligators! Plus, Favourite Moments from the Zoo, Stella Makes A Friend, and we give you a sneak peek of what it’s like to be a film crew member!

EPISODE 5: giraffes and gila monsters

In a new Wild Times, Robert teaches us a bit about the Gila Monster and Bindi introduces us to a special friend, Gorgeous Forrest the Giraffe. Plus, 16 in 60 with Terri, Did You Know?, and Australingo!

EPISODE 6: anteater + platypus + porcupine = echidna!

In this brand new episode of Wild Times, we learn all about the Veiled Chameleon, as well as an iconic Australian native, the Echidna. Plus, Cheetah Snacks, Did You Know?, and Crew Love with Telo the Lemur!

EPISODE 7: meet the tortoise

Terri and Robert meet one of the largest (and possibly grumpiest) Tortoises in the world; Bindi and Chandler hang out with a group of curious Lemurs; and Robert tells us stories behind his favourite wildlife photographs he’s taken. Plus, Can You Guess This Animal?, and Fun Facts with Terri!

EPISODE 8: our old friend the crocodile

We learn about the Crocodile and remember why this ferocious and beautiful reptile has a special place in the Irwin family’s heart. Also, wombats! Plus, 16 in 60 with Robert, Crew Love with Ravi the Red Panda, and more Australingo!

EPISODE 9: meet the macaw

Bindi and Robert introduce us to Queto, the beautiful, brightly coloured Macaw; we meet some new Australia Zoo residents, two tiny Star Tortoises; and Robert teaches us more Australian slang. Plus, Curious Meerkats, Can You Guess This Animal?, and Fun Facts with Terri!

EPISODE 10: a season of wild times

In the final Wild Times, get to know a little about the Shingleback Lizard, before reliving some of the best moments from the series. Plus, Fun Facts with Bindi, Behind the Photo: Robert’s Photography, and one last edition of Australingo!

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