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Ever get the feeling you’re being watched? You just might be prey. Monster Month returns to explore the sinister side of nature with spine-tingling true stories and frightening first-hand encounters that will leave you with goosebumps. From man-eating pythons and menacing coyotes, to territorial grizzly bears, this beast of a month has new titles lurking around every corner that bring you up close and a little too personal with these unpredictable creatures.

Monster Month is bursting with a line-up of premieres including new seasons of I Was Prey, Monsters Inside Me, River Monsters and Finding Bigfoot which launches with its 100th episode. Along with shocking specials The Lost Kingdom of The Yeti which follows scientist and yeti hunter Mark Evans on an expedition in search of the legendary yeti of the Himalayas, and Monsters of the Abyss which goes on the hunt for sea monsters in the British Isles. Plus feast your eyes on new series Intruders which tells real-life horror stories of homes being invaded by unwanted visitors. This fear fest kicks off with Man-Eating Python of Sulawesi as we head to Indonesia where in March 2017, the body of missing farmer Akbar Salubiro was discovered in the belly of a massive python.

These jaw-dropping stories are guaranteed to make your hair stand on end. Remember, you are what they eat.

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