Prepare to let out a collective squeal when the undisputed cutest week of the year, Pet Week, returns to Animal Planet, bringing with it some of the most loved and downright adorable companions found on TV! Tune in for programs dedicated to some totally paw-some pets and stories that are guaranteed to leave you with the warm and fuzzies.

Launching the week is Cute As Fluff which takes cuteness to a whole new level in a unique feel good show that celebrates the most huggable heroes of the animal kingdom. These incredible creatures are not only changing our understanding of cuteness, they are changing lives.

Cat behaviourist Jackson Galaxy returns in new series, Cat vs. Dog. Together with dog trainer Zoe Sandor they help hostile homes where conflict between cats and dogs has reached breaking point. 

Pet Week culminates in the most highly-anticipated event, Puppy Bowl

The cutest competition in sports history, returns for its fourteenth match between puppy players from Team Ruff and Team Fluff who go paw-to-paw and nose-to-nose to win the Puppy Bowl XIV trophy. It’s two hours of fuzzy faces, sloppy kisses, incredible interceptions, puppy penalties and hard-won touchdowns. And in news that will warm your heart, all the puppy players end up winners when these rescue dogs find their forever homes.

Find Animal Planet on Foxtel channel #621 and Sky channel #076.