Disaster Month

Every Night in January from 8.30pm AEDT

Find Discovery Science on Foxtel channel 616.

A destructive force is set to takeover Discovery Science in January with the inaugural Disaster Month. This monster month sets out to examine the science between natural and human-made disasters and explores some of the ways human ingenuity has been used to overcome, avert or ensure disasters of these nature never happen again.

From the inescapable fury and power of Mother Nature, to tragic events caused by human error or negligence, Disaster Month looks at how these catastrophes have had a lasting effect on the environment and communities.

The lineup includes new series, Planes Gone Viral, which takes some of the world’s most shocking aircraft incidents caught on camera and reveals the science behind them. There’s new seasons of Weather Gone Viral, featuring some of the most extreme meteorological events caught on camera, and Weather Top Tens which ranks the best, worst and every type of weather in between.

Plus don’t miss Operation Thai Cave Rescue which chronicles the extraordinary rescue of the team of young soccer players in Thailand, Life After Chernobyl which investigates how the environment and wildlife have been affected after 30 years in the most contaminated area on earth, and more.

Disaster Month launches with new episodes of World’s Deadliest Weather Caught on Camera which features firsthand accounts and footage from people who’ve come face-to-face with the most dangerous weather phenomena like tornados, wildfires and avalanches… and filmed it.

Find Discovery Science on Foxtel channel 616.