My big adventure on the little island of Sentosa.

So after exploring the city a bit, it was finally time to experience a different side to Singapore. I journeyed down to the south, to a little island known as Sentosa, the island of FUN.

This place has a man-made, tropical beach full of palm trees populated with waterfront beach bars, HUGE theme parks, and an aquarium. I tried out a few activities to recommend, here’s what they are:

Playing with a fully matured python, have it coiled around your neck, as it turns its head towards you and tightens it grip. Safe to say I felt pretty comfortable, despite having watched Snakes On a Plane and Anaconda growing up.

These big fellas are well known locals here, travelling about with their charmer from Bombay, India.

Zip-lining 60kmph over jungle, with amazing views of Siloso Beach ahead! GoPros allowed, but only with a secure harness. In my case I used a carabiner and a piece of shoe string as a wrist wrap.

Or finally, my personal favourite was indoor skydiving! This was an amazing feeling floating mid-air, the feeling was liberating and slightly addictive. Watch how it went down in my vlog below.

- Ben Mikha