My last days on the West Coast.

Just over a month ago, I had the privilege of meeting both the South East Asia and Australia/NZ Discovery teams. Today, I visited the Discovery Communications headquarters here in LA. The team was super friendly; I had the opportunity to sit down with various departments and learn about their roles. As usual, I enquired about where they all had begun prior to Discovery, and most, if not all had come from different backgrounds. Some were psychology graduates, others HR recruits on Hollywood movie sets.

Naturally, I was curious to know why the switch in professions, there’s so many long hours that go in to graduating college, yet here they were working in completely different fields. Most said they realised they weren’t passionate about their previous profession, so they decided to do something they enjoyed, which led them to broadcasting, production or marketing within Discovery. Needless to say, overall happiness should definitely hold higher value in our lives, and regardless of where we’re at, it’s never too late to do something we’ve always wanted to do!

After meeting all of the teams, I was given the opportunity to do an Instagram takeover in future of the main Discovery Channel Instagram page, which is craaaazy! Never would I have thought I’d be sharing my passion with a global audience of 4.5 million when I first started going on adventures. After a solid morning of networking, I bid farewell to the welcoming team here in LA and spent my last day at Venice Beach, before taking my Kathmandu boots for a hike with some friends up to the Hollywood Sign.

The views were amazing; I was literally standing in the same spot that the stars would in movies. From the top the entire city of LA was visible, with the sun setting in the back. What a way to end the day and begin my global journey. If anything, LA knows how to entertain, hustle and share creativity with those visiting.