Kiwi Kaleb Anderson is heading on the trip of a lifetime!

After fourteen weeks of intense competition, Discovery has found its next global intern, Kaleb Anderson from New Zealand! The 22-year-old has just landed the dream internship: a gig travelling around the world for free, documenting his adventures on his new Nikon DSLR for Discovery Channel’s social media platforms and Heaps of Stuff blog.

Hailing from Auckland, Kaleb works as a gib-stopper by day and freelances as a photographer/ videographer. As passionate as he is about exploring the world, he is equally fuelled by the adventures that New Zealand has to offer and uses every opportunity to plan weekend road trips around the country to show his Kiwi followers the beauty and experiences they can find without having to travel too far.

Kaleb’s internship will see him creating content in Japan, the USA, Germany, South Africa and Croatia, and he’ll also visit some of Discovery’s overseas headquarters during his journey. Plus he gets to take a lucky mate along for the ride.

The calibre of entries from Aussies and Kiwis was incredibly strong and the competition uncovered a wealth of untapped talent – especially when it came to the Top 5. Rounding out the final five with Kaleb was Andrew Cooney (22) from the Central Coast, NSW; Jeffrey Kieffer (20) from the Tweed Coast, NSW; Kate Carragher (34) from the Central Coast, NSW and Sophie Piearcey (26) from Queenstown, New Zealand. But this won’t necessarily be the last we see of the four runners up – Discovery will be offering each of these talented photographers and content makers the opportunity to contribute to Heaps of Stuff.

Now in its second year, the Discovery Intern competition searches for the best bloggers from Australia and New Zealand who are creative, love to travel and are armed with the skills to tell the story of a place through images, words and videos After the Top 100 was announced, it was up to the public to determine the Top 5 through voting. Kaleb’s submissions stood out from the start and he quickly emerged as a fan favourite.

When it comes to uncovering stories about the unique and diverse world we live in, Discovery is a trailblazer. At its core, the company is dedicated to satisfying curiosity and as the Discovery Intern, Kaleb Anderson will put this into action. You can view his entries and follow his adventures right here on Heaps of Stuff!

"Cathedral Cove is a road-trip favourite that never fails to take my breath away. The clear turquoise water and majestic formations of white stone make it an extremely popular destination during the summer months, and on any day, you can expect to share the beach with thousands of other people. One thing I've learned from this place, is that few souls venture through the 'Cathedral' during the early morning hours. I often prefer this opportunity to wander alone for a few precious moments, before my footprints become indistinguishable among the trampled sandy terrain. Be an early riser - make it happen!"

"Traversing the gnarly Pouakai Ridgeline, the dawn sky was amazing! A waning milky-way sprouted from the summit of Taranaki, like an eruption of stars giving way to a vibrant peach-coloured glow on the horizon. I winced, as a trickle of icy water leaked into my shoes. "Dammit!" Nothing is worse than cold feet! By now, peach was streaked over the snowy cap of Taranaki's mighty peak - an amazing scene! No reflection in the tarns, sadly. The wind was too strong. I stood there in the sodden tussocks, with fingers aching from wind-chill like I had never felt before, wishing that I owned camera-compatable gloves. This is the photo reminding me of such futile patience, waiting for the wind to calm. Cold, yes, but nothing can compete with that thrill of resting under the gaze of a lone mountain. I would do it again in a heartbeat!"