FOXTEL is Australia's leading subscription television provider and is connected to over 1.63 million subscribing households on cable and satellite. FOXTEL strives to ensure our six million viewers find TV they want to watch every time they switch on their television through delivery of more than 200 channels covering news, sport, general entertainment, movies, documentaries, music and children's programming.

Discovery Channel: 608
Discovery Channel +2: 640
Animal Planet: 615
Discovery Turbo: 634
Discovery Turbo +2: 635
Discovery Science: 638
TLC: 130
TLC +2: 166
Discovery Kids: 718

SKY New Zealand

SKY New Zealand broadcasts a total of 110 channels on its digital satellite platform. SKY's digital service comprises a basic package together with a number of premium services, Subscribers to SKY's basic package receive a total of fifty-two channels including news, sport, documentaries, family programmes, general entertainment, key radio stations and music channels.

Discovery Channel: 70
Discovery Turbo: 75
Animal Planet: 76
TLC: 16
Living Channel: 17
Food TV: 18