Shark Week 2018

It’s that time again… Shark Week is coming!

Dive in from Thursday 29 November

Summer is fast approaching but there’s only one event you need to be prepping for and that’s Shark Week! Get ready for seven straight days of fin-tastic documentaries that will have you glued to Discovery Channel.

Shark Week is the best week of the year. Fact.

This 247 shark fest is loaded with compelling documentaries that explore these magnificent, mysterious, and misunderstood creatures; sounding the alarm on the threats our ocean’s greatest predators face by humans and the environment, and highlighting recent developments in shark science.

Launching this week of megalodon proportions is Ronda Rousey Uncaged which sees the Olympian and UFC Hall of Famer train with Australian shark expert Paul de Gelder before she faces her most deadly opponent yet: the ultimate fighter of the sea, the Mako! Paul de Gelder also joins forces with marine survival expert James Glancy in Sharkwrecked, where they take on a 48-hour adrenaline-fuelled experiment to record what actually happens when a shipwreck occurs in shark infested waters. While in Cuba’s Secret Shark Lair, an investigation into the phenomenon of massive sharks in Cuban waters doesn’t go according to plan when marine biologist Melissa Marquez has a run in with a crocodile.

But it doesn’t stop there. In Air Jaws: Back from the Dead, filmmaker Jeff Kurr and photographer Chris Fallows capture the first footage of a great white breaching in New Zealand waters; we set out to confirm if the deeper you dive, the bigger the sharks in Great White Abyss; and journey to the Galapagos to document how tiger sharks have re-set the underwater order in one of the sharkiest place on the planet in Tiger Shark Invasion, plus much more.

From the main players, Great Whites, Tiger sharks and Makos, to the strange and mysterious Goblins and Lantern Sharks, this is your chance to get up close and personal with the ocean’s greatest predators all from the safety of your couch.

With three hours of documentaries each night, sink your teeth into Shark Week from Thursday 29 December at 7.30pm - it’s gonna be jawsome!

Are you chomping at the bit for Shark Week to start on Discovery Channel? Catch up on some of the best documentaries from previous years streaming On Demand and on Foxtel Now from 22 November, with 2018 programming available to stream from 30 November.