Abalone Wars - Bucky and Cody

It’s do or die for the abalone crews of Port Lincoln. With personal demons hounding the fleet, treacherous ocean conditions, countless sharks and shrinking catch rates - the battle for survival is more real than ever before.

Diving deep into hostile waters, Abalone Wars ventures inside the high stakes game of one of the world’s most dangerous professions; abalone diving. The series returns to Port Lincoln to follow the hardcore abalone dive crews as they battle to fulfill multi-million dollar quotas. The Southern Ocean, off the tip of South Australia, is home to more sharks per square kilometre than anywhere else in the world and abalone divers face the risk of death every time they dive. But that doesn’t stop this group of fearless men and women who battle against their nerves to scour the ocean floor for the much-prized delicacy dubbed “abalone gold”. 

This season the seas are massive, the abalone are at their biggest and the shark encounters are increasing. This winter has seen the crews battle some of the worst weather and on top of that, they’re all way behind their catch rates so they have to push themselves into ocean conditions they’d usually avoid. It’s high pressure and there’s no shortage of drama. Plus in this episode, Shark Week host Andrew ‘ET’ Ettingshausen pays his mate David ‘Bucky’ Buckland a visit and tries his hand at this dangerous profession. Every day beneath the waves is a fight for survival, but when millions of dollars’ worth of abalone lay waiting, just below the surface, who can resist?