Alaska The Last Frontier

For eighty years, the Kilcher family legacy has flourished in the deep Alaskan wilderness. Now, the legacy is in jeopardy and the Kilchers must embark on their greatest challenge yet: a complete homestead overhaul.

The family will need to utilise every piece of heavy machinery in their arsenal to repair age old structures, construct new buildings, improve the family's water system, revamp fences, and protect the animals to ensure that the homestead's legacy survives for future generations.

This season will force the family to the edge, as rescue missions go awry, fires threaten the safety of the Kilcher clan, and they'll head on an unprecedented mission to save a herd of buffalo from imminent extinction.

Also this season Jane and Charlotte are put to the test as they lead the Kilchers' first ever all female cattle drive and Atz's daughter, Grammy®-nominated singer, Jewel returns.