American Tarzan


On a remote Caribbean island, seven challengers will take on Mother Nature’s most brutal obstacle course. Their goal: to not only survive the wild, but to master it. 

There was a time when man was truly wild, and survival meant silently stalking your prey, climbing trees to escape predators, and utilising every resource within reach to stay alive. That era may be long gone but there are still men and women who blaze though the forest, swim the raging rapids, and spend their days in the treetops. 

In an epic journey through four distinct terrains – the jungle, coast, mountains and canyons – these men and women must live completely off the land, while tackling the most punishing obstacles on earth. They will face conditions that early inhabitants tackled hundreds of years ago, relying on nothing more than basic tools, mental toughness and brute strength. 

Seven will attempt to conquer the island of Dominica, but only one will become American Tarzan.


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