Aussie Gold Hunters

As a new season of risks and riches dawns, Aussie Gold Hunters raises the stakes sky high to deliver a motherlode of new bonanzas, new dangers, new faces and new places. Returning to the epic frontier of Western Australia’s Goldfields, our hardcore prospectors face the toughest challenge of their careers; whether it’s fighting to survive, or uncovering colossal strikes, deep in the remote and unforgiving wild terrain. 

Returning this season are the Dirt Dogs, the Gold Gypsies and Kellie and Henri, but there are also some new faces as two new teams of prospectors and a host of larger than life characters enter the fold; lone wolf Rick Fishers and husband and wife duo Ted and Lecky Mahoney

Away from the blood, sweat and tears of gold prospecting, the series delves further into their lives behind the heat and the hardship, meeting the families and rivals who share the soaring highs and lows behind the dream. As the machines roar and the gold tallies soar, Aussie Gold Hunters takes you deep into the remarkable world of gold mining, revealing its historic towns and the legends that truly make it the wild frontier. Pushing harder, further and risking more than ever before to uncover a life-changing strike, it’s go time on the Goldfields. Welcome to the new rush!


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