The Gold and The Beautiful
Set in the glamorous world of the Western Australian gold prospecting scene, this webi-soap tells the compelling story of high stakes, honour, family, passion, and most importantly, nuggets.

Episode 1. Goodbye Is The Hardest Word

Leon drops a bombshell that leaves a rattled Vern second guessing his gold hunting future. Can their friendship survive a betrayal of this magnitude, or will these be the last fly-ridden cuppas they ever share? Find out in this emotionally charged new episode of The Gold and The Beautiful.

Episode 2. Don’t Mess With The Dogs

When a mysterious stranger arrives in the outback, the Dirt Dogs reputation as leaders of the pack falls under %#*$!# threat. Will this smooth talking new arrival throw our #%*!#* heroes off their game, or will Vern’s way with words prove once and for all who’s top *#$%* dog in this town? Find out in this dramatic new episode of The #@!%$* Gold and The @!$*% Beautiful.

Episode 3. For The Love Of Family

A joyous day takes a turn for the worse when a strained family relationship rears its ugly head and puts the Scrappers’ chance to earn a ‘s**tload’ at risk. As tensions between father and son come to a head, will Eric walk off the job for good or will the love of family conquer all? Find out in this powerful new episode of The Gold and The Beautiful.

Episode 4. ‘They Don’t Look Very Good At All’

Marco and Vern’s relationship is put the ultimate test after they receive some unexpected, devastating news. Their emotional confrontation leaves one miner questioning the state of his marriage. Is human error to blame or was something more sinister at work? Find out in this electrifying new episode of The Gold and The Beautiful.

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