Bering Sea Gold S6

As the summer mining season begins, the dredge captains of Nome, Alaska, are faced with a new reality: the grounds they've been mining for decades are drying up. To continue, they'll have to seek out new gold deposits or find another way to make a living. 

Shawn Pomrenke's prospecting trips to the Bluff over the last 18 months have proven costly, but even though he hasn't brought home gold, he believes there is a motherlode down there somewhere. Shawn's discovered an un-staked claim at the Bluff that will reach into deeper, richer waters. He just needs to make sure that no one beats him to it. 

A long-shared dream to be the first to mine the mysterious Sledge Island is reuniting Zeke Tenhoff and Emily Riedel. The legendary island lies in plain sight of every miner in Nome, but its distance from shore and treacherous tidal zones have made it unworkable. 

Finally, Kris Kelly is taking charge of the family business, but before he can set out on the Bering Sea, he'll have to convince his father and brother to follow his lead. 

For these treasure hunters, the potential rewards justify the risks, but will their gambles pay off?