The Alaskan gold mining crews of Bering Sea Gold are back and the summer mining season is in high gear. The gold rush at the Bluff has turned the Bering Sea into the Wild West. 130km from civilisation, Alaska’s mining law and miner's etiquette fall by the wayside when competition starts to muscle in.

The returning captains are back aboard their vessels, but this time they’ve got company. Ken Kerr and Dave Young, owners of 600-tonne superdredge the Myrtle Irene just showed up, and they’re determined to become the kings of the Bering Sea. However the new duo will have to get past Captain Shawn Pomrenke to take that title, and he’s hell-bent on getting the gold he needs to make his US$6 million mega-dredge dream a reality.

Coming off a tough winter season, Captain Emily Riedel, the first and only female dredge owner, plots a comeback by taking her new crew and her newly refurbished boat, The Eroica, to Claim 14. Previously thought to be mined out, Claim 14 shows promise in its deeper waters. Armed with a new attitude and a new amphibious version of The Reaper, Captain Kris Kelly is confident he can lead his family to their best season yet… if he can just manage their turbulent dynamics. This season of Bering Sea Gold delivers the highest gold totals ever – but which crew will come out on top?