Blowing Up History

All new season
Sundays from 10 February at 7:30pm  AEDT/NZ

Blowing Up History combines scientific investigations with explosive CGI animation to reveal the hidden secrets of iconic buildings and monuments. Unearthing the secret histories behind the world’s most incredible structures, the series utilises the latest technology including LIDAR scanning, X-ray imaging, carbon dating, forensic microscopy, and 3-D imaging, as leading experts hunt for vital clues about these monuments - from engineers who have rebuilt obelisks, to scientists bombarding tombs with proton beams. Each hour-long episode unlocks the myths and secrets of a different ancient structure and civilisation.

The first episode heads to Egypt. The great city of Thebes was the heart of ancient Egypt during the New Kingdom, its most prosperous and powerful age. For the pharaohs, this was the holiest and most important place in their empire. In the city's great temple of Karnak, they constructed towering obelisks from single blocks of stone. But how did they do it? In a ground-breaking experiment, archaeologists reconstruct how workers moved and raised these giant 300-ton structures. For centuries, this was the power-base of the pharaohs, but then Egypt fell into decline. In building Thebes, were the pharaohs sowing the seeds of their own downfall? This is history like you’ve never seen it before.