California: Innovation Nation

2-part series
Starts Saturday 8 December at 9:30pm AEDT / 9:25pm NZ

This series looks at how and why California has become a mecca for innovation; sitting on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, facing East, California attracts the best and brightest from around the world. It has a long, well established tradition of pushing boundaries, re-invention and refusing to accept the established norms, endlessly asking 'How can we improve?’ & 'How can we change things?’ 

California is known for being a hot-house for pioneering tech, but it’s also leading a revolution in other genres - from food to mindfulness to ecology. This series seeks to discover where this endless drive to innovate comes from, while encountering some of California’s most radical influencers, free thinkers, and rule breakers along the way. Part travelogue, part social documentary, this series weaves history and culture in an entertaining and enlightening journey through California’s past, present and future.

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EPISODE 1: Hula Hoop to Hyperloop: Garage Inventions

Airing Saturday 8 December at 9:30pm AEDT / 9:25pm NZ

This episode is all about California’s spirit of innovation – where does it come from and what drives it? We consider how many of California’s major brands, companies, & innovators started off in garages – from Disney to Amazon – and look at the current ethos of ‘garage innovation’ – how throwing out the rule book and believing you can change the world can really unlock creativity & innovation. This episode features some of California’s most exciting garage inventors – all the way from the worlds of art & culture to surfing and the future of travel.

EPISODE 2: The Dream is Dead: Long Live the Dream

Airing Saturday 15 December at 9:30pm AEDT / 9:25pm NZ

California is one of the most progressive places on earth, and has always started conversations about the big questions in society. We use its rich history of counter-culture as a way of contextualising California’s heritage of ‘alternative thinking’, and how that has informed cyberspace and California’s mind-set. We meet some of the people innovating in the mindfulness sphere and meet some key players who are revolutionising food production. This episode looks at our mind, body and spirit – not only how we think, and the innovators leading the new self-help scene, but also what we eat and the landscape of pioneering food culture.