Castro: The World‘s Most Watched Man

Infamous across the globe as one of the most controversial political figures in history, Cuban ruler Fidel Castro has lived an intriguing life under the watch of millions. From a young revolutionary who overthrew a corrupt dictator using a small guerrilla army, to being the target for assassination an alleged 600 times, the longevity of Castro’s rule and iconic nature has been nothing short of remarkable.

Castro: The World’s Most Watched Man, takes viewers on a journey of the life of Fidel Castro through the eyes of the spies who have observed him for over a half-century.

Revisiting more than 50 years of history and revealing the inner forces that have shaped his leadership, this one hour documentary will uncover a unique perspective on Castro’s life as a notorious political figure.

With unprecedented access to declassified documents, this documentary features exclusive interviews with spies, KGB agents, CIA analysts, and Cuban exiles who have tracked Castro’s movements over the years, and shares intimate details, captivating anecdotes, and psychological insight to better understand the man behind the legend.