Churchill's Toyshop

Churchill's Toyshop goes deep within the secretive and strange arms race during World War II where Britain needed to arm itself against the Nazis but were faced with very limited resources. British weapon manufacturers were forced to improvise. To combat the problem, Winston Churchill himself set up a secret clandestine research institute dedicated to coming up with super weapons that would give troops the edge in battle. He christened the department as Military Defense 1, however it quickly became known as "Churchill's Toyshop."

In this tiny, underground workshop, the department was tasked with inventing super weapons of which over 50 were actually used in the field. This astonishing array of weapons included the pencil bomb, the castrator, the kangaroo bomb, a rocket-launched bridge, as well as the PIAT, a tank-destroying, hand-held mortar and more.

Churchill’s Toyshop tells the story of the world's most unconventional secret weapons lab. Using rare archive footage and interviews, this incredible documentary explores this lost piece of military history and examines the battles in which these ingenious weapons were used.


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