Cooper's Treasure

In the 1960s, while on secret space missions, astronaut Gordon Cooper made an extraordinary discovery: hundreds of unidentified objects in the shallow waters and reefs in the Caribbean, which he believed to be shipwrecks.  Working for decades in secret, he used the information he collected to create a document he thought could lead to unimaginable wealth: a treasure map from space that could potentially uncover the lost fleet of Christopher Columbus.

Before he passed away, Gordon shared his secret with his long-time friend, treasure hunter Darrell Miklos, in the hope that the mystery would finally be solved. In the first season of Cooper’s Treasure, Darrell made a significant discovery using Gordon’s intel; a shipwreck that could be tied back to Christopher Columbus, successfully proving that the space pioneer’s charts were valid. Unfortunately for Darrell, the salvage site was immediately commandeered by the Turks and Caicos government.

In Season 2 of Cooper’s Treasure, Darrell has just eight weeks of cash left to uncover another shipwreck he can salvage. After finding a box of photos of the Bahamas and a list of eleven wreck sites that Gordon tracked, Darrell and his team set out with new clues and modern equipment to decipher the map, leading him to what could be the richest discovery of his career; but there are people out to steal the map…