Deadliest Job Interview

You shouldn't be nervous your first day on the job unless you're one of these guys. Welcome to the world's Deadliest Job Interview. These are the most dangerous jobs on Earth. Many quit, some are fired, and others are injured… or worse. 

Deadliest Job Interview will follow ‘greenhorns’ or rookies as they risk everything to prove that they have what it takes to secure a highly challenging – and dangerous – position. 

These hazardous professions include arborists climbing 200 feet high in the Redwood Forest, acrobatic bush pilots in the savannah of South Africa, extreme heavy haul truckers through America’s heartland, iron erectors hundreds of feet up in the air, construction divers underwater in the depths of the Pacific, volcanologists climbing to the top of the explosive Stromboli, and wind turbine technicians in some of the windiest conditions on Earth. 

With the threat of danger around every corner, there is no room for mistakes. These rookies must learn the ropes as the lowest person on the totem pole and prove their skills and determination to their mentors and peers. The stakes are higher than ever because it’s not just their job on the line – but also their lives!



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