Devonport Inside The Royal Navy

The largest naval base in Western Europe, Devonport is home to the navy’s Trafalgar-class nuclear-powered submarines and surface fleet. 

10,000 men and women working round the clock, 365 days a year to make sure that the Devonport fleet of ships are always ready to protect the United Kingdom’s interests anywhere around the globe. 

It’s also an important base for training and it supplies, mends and refits all kinds of naval craft. Devonport: Inside the Royal Navy focuses on the people, their relationships, and takes a closer look at some of the unusual challenges faced in the day to day running one of the most famous Royal Navy bases in Europe. 

From organising a VIP Royal visit, to preparing for the Armada Ball - one of the largest events of the year - and the daily maintenance of ships, crews and weaponry; if you want to see how the navy does its job, come to Devonport.


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